Our program is an incredible opportunity to learn to code - even if you do not have any prior experiences. Our attendees range in age from 9 all the way up to 88. Really, everbody can learn to code. This program works! We had students that are now working for AAA game studios. Watch the webinar and find out more...
  • Private jobboards

    Get acces to 10+ private job boards that allow you to immediately network and connect with potential employers.

  • $80.000 worth in game assets

    Filebase provides you with access to over 6,000+ game-ready assets, valued at over $80,000! Use these assets to build career-ready portfolio projects

  • Unlimited support

    If there is anything you’re having issues with, you can post them in our invite-only community. The community is moderated 24/7 with our coaches to ensure your questions get answered!

  • Weekly coaching calls

    Every week you’ll have access to your coaches. Ask questions and participate in discussions related to staying motivated, writing good social medium articles, what makes a great portfolio, applying to jobs, and staying focused!

  • Career ready portfolio

    We will provide you with a career-ready portfolio that will optimally display your passion and skills on display. We’ll make it easy for employers to see that you’re the clear choice in a hiring decision. We will also host it for free. Forever!

  • Interview prep

    When you’re ready to begin applying to jobs, you’ll have full access to your coach to help you ace the interview! That includes preparation for your screening calls and assistance with any code challenges employers throw at you!

  • Weekly accountability

    You will also get a weekly accountability email from me. Every single week, I want to hear from you. I want to know your biggest win for the week, any challenges you faced, and if anything has come up preventing you from reaching your goals!